The conference programme includes:

Master classes (workshops) with a limited number of participants

  1. “Difficult” airway;
  2. Workshop on regional anesthesia;
  3. Workshop on visualization of magistral vessels and algorithms;
  4. Workshop on extracorporeal methods of oxygenation;
  5. Basic modes of ventilation and respiratory support in COVID.

Actual issues of anaesthesiology and intensive care (basic and expert level reports and refresher lectures)

  1. Review of the latest guidelines, the latest publications and materials of leading congresses;
  2. Discussion clubs on issues;
  3. Young scientist school;
  4. Section of personalized medicine and genetics;
  5. Achievements in science and practice.

Competition program with prizes and encouragement of winners (educational grants and awards) (age of participants up to 35 years)

  1. Competition for the best scientific report;
  2. Ukrainian Simulation Olympiad;
  3. Clinical pharmacology and infusion therapy Olympiad.